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About Us

We Make Filters Easy.

We know how easy it is to forget about air filters and we know how important it is to change them on time. That's why we created FilterEasy.

Our Founders

After Kevin discovered that the air filter in his home hadn’t been changed for the entire time he’d been living there, he decided to drive to the store to get a new one.

Back from the store and about to swap out the old filter with the new, he realized that he had bought the wrong size. Turns out—filter sizes are much more complicated than he had previously thought. Such a simple task turned into half an afternoon wasted with a second trip to the store in search for the filter he needed. He thought, “Why is there not an easier way to do this by now? There has to be a better way.“—and an idea was born.

Together with college friend, Thad, the two quickly transformed this idea into the successful business you see today.

Our Team

We are proud to have created a fun and fast-paced work environment driven by an all-star team. We’ll admit that air filters might not seem like the “coolest” product to sell, but don’t be fooled! Our energized and driven team would quickly make you think otherwise. With company-wide events such as outdoor trips and holiday parties, we have become a FilterEasy family that believes in a happy and healthy workplace.

If you are interested in checking out FilterEasy’s career opportunities, click here.

Our Core Values

The FilterEasy team embraces these 5 Core Values.

  • Make Life Better Make Life Better
    Create an easy way that’s smarter, healthier, and more efficient.
  • Make Life Better Be Honest, Even When It Hurts
    Unyielding honesty changes the world. Make your voice heard.
  • Make Life Better Leave Your Mark
    Grow, change, and improve the world. Make your mom proud.
  • Make Life Better Be Relentlessly Resourceful
    Find creative solutions in a world of finite time and resources.
  • Make Life Better Don’t Give Up
    Learn from failures and try until you succeed.