FilterEasy was created to help
people keep their homes healthy

Filters tend to stay out
of sight, out of mind

And when it comes to filter changes, we’re guessing you’ve got a whole lot of other important to-dos on your list. Forgetting filters can be expensive though, and troublesome—your HVAC system will eventually lose efficiency, repairs creep up, pesky particles and viruses can creep in and your energy bill rises. Thankfully, there’s a better way.

Elephants never forget

That’s right - it has been proven that elephants never forget faces of those who they meet. We like to think of FilterEasy as an elephant for your air filters. Once you join FilterEasy, you never have to remember! Filters arrive, you change them, you breathe easy. That’s all there is to it.

Save Energy. Reduce a few things

for your family and your fellow man. Since regular filter changes help your HVAC system run more efficiently, you reduce your carbon footprint. When less energy is used, you help reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. Your energy usage goes down, your HVAC system lasts longer, and there are fewer repairs. Plus your monthly energy bill shrinks. (Not to mention, since our quality filters cost less, you’ll save some coin there too.)

American-Manufactured filters

Choose top-quality filters that are manufactured in the U.S.A. FilterEasy offers three filter grades—each made by AAF Flanders (the same company that provides filters to hospital systems, nuclear energy facilities…even NASA). AAF Flanders is also America’s largest residential filter manufacturer, supplying air filters to home improvement stores across the nation. When you join FilterEasy, you get these same filters delivered to your door, so you can help your HVAC stay healthier around the seasons and throughout the year (especially when you follow manufacturer’s change-out guidelines). Same filters, less effort. And just part of the reason we call ourselves FilterEasy.

FilterEasy was founded
to make life easier

by college friends and business partners, Kevin Barry and Thad Tarkington. Thad and Kevin met while attending school together. When Kevin had a frustrating, 4-hour experience trying to replace just one air filter for his apartment, an idea was born. Twenty-hour days soon became the norm as these entrepreneurs quickly transformed their idea into a bustling business. Seems people really enjoy getting a great product at a great price that makes life easier and healthier. They also seem to enjoy the luxury of forgetting!


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Your path to fresh air.

FilterEasy is an air filter service that’s smart and simple. You sign up once, then we deliver your specified filters to your door... on your schedule... every time you need them.