Here’s our simple 3-step process:

Step 1

Select a number of filters

Most homes have 2 or 3 filters.

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Step 2

Enter your sizes

The size should be listed on the side of the previous filter.

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Step 3

Choose your filter grade

Filters are available in three grades—LiteAllergen,
MicroAllergen and SuperAllergen.

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Benefits of a FilterEasy membership include:

Bigger savings

Our filters cost less than those in stores. Plus you don’t
have to spend time or gas buying them.

Better health

Air filters cleanse the air in your home twice every hour. So
when they’re changed regularly (usually every 3 months), they
keep more germs at bay. You and your family breathe
healthier—and stay healthier—throughout the seasons.

Stronger HVAC system

Regular filter changes with quality filters help your
HVAC system run stronger, longer. Clean filters
translate to fewer maintenance issues, which in turn
translate to fewer repair bills (and even more savings).

One less thing to worry about

Forgetting the details of filters four times a year means you
now have room to remember other things. Where you set
your car keys, for instance.

Create your order & delivery schedule

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Even More Reasons to Change


Did you know?

If someone sneezes in one room of your home, that sneeze travels through the air to other rooms within about 10 minutes. Lucky for you, you have freshly changed air filters that help keep germs at bay.

Your path to fresh air.

FilterEasy is an air filter service that’s smart and simple. You sign up once, then we deliver your specified filters to your door... on your schedule... every time you need them.