All our FilterEasy filters are top quality, but there are differences within the three grades:

lite allergen

This filter keeps the air fresh, offering higher
airflow while also filtering out basics like pollen,
dust, pet dander and virus carriers.


Our most popular grade, the MicroAllergen takes air filtration
a few steps further. It offers good airflow but better filtration
than the LiteAllergen, and it helps cleanse your home of
smoke and smog in addition to filtering out the basics.

super allergen

This is the most powerful filter in our lineup, and
it’s called “Super” for a reason. It rids the air of
everything our other filters do, but also filtrates
lead dust, oil smoke and those pesky microscopic
allergens. Airflow is good, but higher filtration
automatically means a denser filter, and therefore
slightly less airflow than with our other grades.

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The Allergen Series

Outstanding performance for all
of your filtration needs.

Our air filters are made in three grades to meet your allergen-reduction and economic needs. LiteAllergen, MicroAllergen, and SuperAllergen are all manufactured in the US by Flanders, the largest air filter manufacturer in the country. Flanders filters are selected for their quality and value by organizations that require the cleanest air possible, including NASA and large hospital systems.

We are able to deliver these high quality Flanders air filters to your door when it’s time to change them. Our hassle-free air filter subscription service provides a physical reminder to change your filters while saving you the hassle of remembering sizes and driving to the store. Changing your air filter regularly keeps your HVAC operating at peak efficiency, saving you 5% to 15%, while protecting your family’s health and reducing allergy symptoms.

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